Monday, 27 April 2015

Another trip to Selhurst Park.

So ever since we got back from our last trip to Selhurst Park to see Crystal Palace play football, Chester has wanted to go again.

Luckily for Chester, he has a Grandad who couldn't wait to take him to watch a football match!

So last weekend my parents traveled all the way up from Dorset so that my Dad could take Chester and I to watch Crystal Palace v Hull.

My Dad had chosen that match because we all thought it would be a sure way of Chester seeing Crystal Palace win. But, sadly that was not to be. Dad and I know how unpredictable Palace can be, they always seem to do the opposite of expectation. Chester however, at only 6 years old, has not yet learnt the ups and downs of being a Crystal Palace supporter! Needless to say, that he was very disappointed that they managed to lose again!

But from a parents point of view, I was very proud of Chester that day. He loved watching the match, he sang some songs and clapped along.We were sat on the second row in the Arthur Wait stand and were just by the halfway line, so he was happy to shout out at the players, telling them what to do! I couldn't help but smile when he was shouting out 'what are you doing, pass the ball, pass it wide'!

None of us were very happy when Palace' goal was disallowed, and as true Palace fans we spent the long walk back to the car moaning about the ref!

Even though we lost Chester had a great time, (I think the fact I brought him the away kit and some goalie shorts and socks probably helped soften the blow!) Once he had gotten over his strop about them losing, he was soon back to his happy self eager to tell his Dad all about the match  He desperately wants to go back again and he would love to see some away matches too. So hopefully next season I can arrange this for him.

Do your children like to watch football matches? How do they take it when their team looses?

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