Thursday, 2 April 2015

A family meal at Tudor Park, Marriott Hotel & Country Club

When I think of a hotel, I do not necessarily think of popping in for dinner. I mean if I was staying at the hotel, then yes, I would certainly be looking to dine there. But just to walk in and be seated in their restaurant? I had never thought of doing that!

We were invited to do just that at Tudor Park. Which is a Marriott Hotel & Country Club nestled in the Kent countryside. In Bearsted, which is not too far from Leeds Castle and within easy access to the M20 motorway.

Before we sat down for our Sunday Carvery style dinner we were given a tour of the facilities. The pool area (with private swimming lessons for Children) and gym look amazing, there is also a golf course and even Golf Camps for children aged 6+. I know a certain 6 year old who would just love to go to Golf Camp! They also have an outdoor garden area with gazebo, the perfect setting for a wedding reception!

I simply could not believe the amount of activities that were on offer, the added bonus being that most of them were Family friendly! You can even purchase a day pass to use the pool/gym facilities for just £12 per adult and £6 per child. I also noted that they do Afternoon teas starting from just £15 per person, so I have got a cost effective girly day out in mind in the not to distant future!

So on to dinner....

We were originally going to be reviewing the A La Carte Menu, but as we had chosen a Sunday it was the Carvery option instead. After all what would Sunday be without a roast dinner?!

The restaurant had a very relaxed atmosphere, with great views over the golf course. We were shown around the 3 meal stations. Starters, Mains and Desserts. The children were made to feel important, the staff chatted away to them and even offered to get them plastic cups and plates. This really impressed me, its the little things that count where Children are concerned. Chester and Millie were both over excited and a little bit of a handful that day, if I am honest. But the staff took their time to include the Children which was a welcome relief for Craig and I. It doesn't take much to include Children, but so many restaurant fail to do so. Tudor Park seem to have understood the importance of Family time and certainly strive to make it an enjoyable experience.

The choice of Starters was perfect for Adults. Meat, fish. Plus a range of salads including pasta, rice, couscous and noodles. Craig and I felt that it was a lovely light and refreshing starter, which we both really enjoyed. However, for Children, I do not think their is much choice in the way of starters. Chester is not really fussy when it comes to food, but he really struggled to find something here. He ended up with a bread roll and some cucumber! Millie is a little more fussy and she only ate a bread roll.

The mains was a Carvery. Consisting of Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Yorkshire Puddings, Crackling, Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese, Roast Potatoes, mixed root veg, red cabbage, Mash Potato and Gravy. It was delicious. The meat was cooked to perfection, the Yorkshire puddings were delicious and huge! All of the accompaniments were perfect. The meat was carved in front of you and served onto your plate (generous portions), you could then help yourself to the other items. The Chef was really good with Millie, when I asked her if she would like Pork or Beef she replied with Orange! Which had been placed purely for decoration, but instead of saying no the Chef happily 'carved' and Orange for Millie and placed it on her plate. She was very impressed by this, infact it made her smile for the rest of the day!

Puddings! Oh my gosh, where to start! There was so much choice! I have got such a sweet tooth so it was very hard for me to decide what to have. I decided to go for a hot pudding of Danish pastry bread and butter pudding with custard. It was delicious! Then Craig and I shared a Lemon Meringue Pie. That is one of my favourite desserts and this one didn't disappoint. There was also a cheese board on offer for people with a tooth less sweeter than mine, that looked amazing, with so many cheeses to choose from. I wish I had left a little room for it to be honest!

 Chester and Millie struggled with dessert. Millie has got a very sweet tooth like me, but again I think that the puddings were all a little bit 'grown up' for my two. A member of staff could see that I was struggling to get them to eat anything so she offered to go and get them some ice cream. I was very grateful, the ice cream went down a treat and we all left with full tummies and very happy!

The Sunday Carvery is £14.50 for 2 courses or £18.50 for 3 courses. Personally we thought that was incredible value for money (for the adults) as there was so much to choose from and the quality and taste of the food exceeded our expectations.

All in all we were impressed. It has made us wonder why we didn't know about this lovely Hotel before?! It is certainly high on our list of places to dine locally now!

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