Monday, 9 March 2015

World Book Day fun!

As I am sure you are all aware, we really love reading here! We need no encouragement to read books, any excuse and we are snuggled up and reading!

World book day was last Thursday and we talked about it a lot during the weeks leading up to it. We have got so many favourite childrens stories that it was hard to decided what Characters the children would like to dress up as. 

In the end we had a little help from George at Asda, who have a really good childrens dressing up range. When Chester was Millie's age he was obsessed with Fantastic Mr Fox. Albeit the film version, but lets be honest at the age of 3 there is now way he was going to be reading Roald Dahl's version was there! I really do hope though, that one day he really does want to read it, and all of the other fabulous Roald Dahl stories, the ones that I used to love as a child! Browsing through the George at Asda range they did indeed have a Fantastic Mr Fox costume, which Chester was so pleased about! It even had a neckerchief and a detachable tail!

When it came to Millie, she is a huge fan of traditional tales, so the Goldilocks outfit was perfect for her. She was excited to find that it came with 3 bears to fit inside the pocket of the pinafore and even 2 golden curls on clips for her hair!

They both loved their outfits and had lots of fun pretending to be their chosen characters!

Chester was given a World Book Day token at School and he decided to use it to purchase The Dinosaur who poo'ed ! Typical Chester!

Did your little ones dress up for World Book Day? 

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