Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tesco Basics Tableware

I have recently been made aware of a new Tableware range in Tesco's. It caught my interest because it is just £1 per item. As a family with young children, its safe to say that our tableware does not last too long. As much as we try, we never seem to have a complete set. I have lost count of the amount of things I have dropped and smashed by accident! So spending lots of money on tableware is something I despise!

I don't quite know what I was expecting for £1 per item, but when I took delivery of the Bowls, dinner plates, side plates and mugs I was pleasantly surprised.

They were solid and although simply designed, they carried the look well. The mugs had big handles, something my Dad always comments on when he comes to visit, he loves a so called 'proper mug' not one with dainty handles like I usually offer him! The bowls are deep, perfect for our breakfast needs. The dinner plates are smaller than what we are used to, but I do not see that as a bad thing, if I was to criticise anything about them it would be that they need to have a bit more depth to the middle! The side plates are again, perfect for our breakfast and lunch needs.

All of the range is dishwasher and microwave safe. This is a massive plus for me, as a busy Mum I rely on my dishwasher every day! In the microwave the tableware does not get hot to touch, only the food that is in them. I mention this, because some of our so called microwave safe tableware seems to get very hot when put into the microwave and when giving the kids their porridge in the mornings this can be a big problem!

Overall I am very satisfied with the range, at just £1 per item it is a real bargain and easily replaceable. As you can see from my pictures it comes in a range of colours to suit most tastes, my favourite has to be the charcoal colour. Which is kind of in between black and grey. The range is available in most stores now and you can view the whole range, (which also includes pasta bowls) on the Tesco website.

Do you have perfectly matching tableware sets, or like me, have you gone for the mix and match look?!

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