Sunday, 8 March 2015

My little Fashionistas!

Recently I have noticed that Chester has taken a bit more of an interest in his appearance. For a 6 year old boy I find this quite remarkable! In a recent visit to the barbers, he asked for a different style all by himself, showing the barber exactly how he wanted his hair even down to asking for gel to put in it!

Then we had a shopping trip last week to find Chester some trousers. All he currently wears is jeans, and he had asked for some different coloured trousers. It turned out what he mean by that was that wanted some beige chinos! We found some, and he also spotted some black trousers he liked as well as two hats. One of which he purely wanted because Pharrell wears something similar in the Happy video!

I was amazed that he had even taken notice, but his appearance is clearly something he is now very interested in. Whilst I am cautious about this, after all, he is only 6 years old. I am happy that he wants to have a say in what he would like to wear, he has his own style and it suits him well!

Then on Friday Millie came along with me on a shopping trip, which was actually meant to be for me, as I am in desperate need of some new jeans or trousers! But when she saw a Panda dress, she simply had to try it on! I seriously believe that Millie started the Panda trend a year ago!

I'll admit that it really suits her, she was twirling round in front of the mirror telling me how gorgeous it was, so I gave in a bought it! But this meant that I didn't end up getting the jeans for me!

Whilst we were in the shop I showed her some pretty spring dresses that I had in mind for our holiday next month. But she simply said 'no Mummy they are not cool'! It really took me by surprise that she was showing so much of an interest already! She is the total opposite of me when it comes to clothes, she is the ultimate girly girl and she knows what she wants and what suits her!

Do your children like to style themselves, or are they happy to go with whatever you choose for them?!

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