Friday, 27 March 2015

Millie's home made Easter egg!

Millie came home with a note in her Nursery bag last week. Telling me that they were holding an Egg decorating competition this week. Basically the children had to decorate a hard boiled egg, there would then be three winners.

I discussed with Millie what she would like to put on her egg and she said 'baby chicks please'. To be honest I was very surprised, and relieved, that she didn't say 'baby Panda please'!

Anyway, a few days passed, I woke up on Tuesday morning and realised we hadn't decorated the egg! So very early on Tuesday morning Millie was busy painting her egg white, then after I dried it with the hairdryer she put her thumb in yellow paint and pressed it all over the egg. She loved that part! Then we got a felt tip pen and she drew on legs, which are really meant to be feet but I think she did very well for a 3 year old!

This is the finished egg....

She was very excited to be taking it into Nursery, but was not very happy when she realised that it had to stay there until the end of the week!

We popped in today to collect it and she was thrilled to be told that she had been picked as one of the three winners, and even more thrilled to get her beloved egg back! Funny child!

Did your little ones take part in any Easter themed activities at Nursery this week?

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