Thursday, 26 March 2015

Eds Easy Diner have some good news for Coeliacs!

The last few months have been pretty tough for my Sister, she has recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. We were already familiar with the Disease as my cousin also has it. Plus my Sister is a Nurse, so I am sure she knew more of the medical problems that come with it than we did.

If you are unaware, Coeliac Disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease which is caused by an intolerance to Gluten. It is actually more common than you think as statistics show that 1 in 100 people have it.

Being in her 20's, changing a diet that you are already used to. and cutting out food that you love is very hard. I truly sympathise with her, not only is it hard to cut out food that she loves it is also hard finding food that she can now eat! This is especially the case when out and about. She has to plan her meals nowadays and take food with her incase she is unable to find somewhere to eat!

She was getting very down about it, when an email pinged into her inbox. It was from Eds Easy Diner, who were shouting about a new Gluten Free Menu. Not just 1 or 2 items slipped onto their main menu, oh no, a whole menu specifically Gluten Free. They have managed to make over 80% of their main menu into a Gluten Free alternative! The menu is available from Breakfast right through to dinner and includes malt free milk shakes AND even 3 desserts!  What fills us with even more happiness is that they are the first burger chain to have been accredited by Coeliac UK!

So, of course, we simply had to try this menu! Yesterday evening we visited to the Bluewater branch, but they have lots of other locations, which you can find on their website here.

Now Ed's Easy Diner has always been a favourite of mine, we love it not only for the food but also for the friendliness of the staff and how patient and good they are with my children. So it goes without saying that last night was no exception, the staff were fantastic, very attentive and happy to have a laugh and a joke with us. So for the purpose of this review I will now focus solely on the food...

We ordered an Eds Special Nutella shake between the two of us, all the shakes on the Gluten Free menu are malt free. The shakes are one of our favourite things at Eds and I love that they are so big that you can have 1 between 2 people! This one was delicious, it was VERY hard not to drink it all before our mains arrived!

Choosing our mains was harder for me than for my Sister! Since coming back from traveling she has become a vegetarian so the choices for her are always more limited. They have 1 vegetarian burger on the Gluten Free menu so she went for that. The Chickpea and Quinoa Burger with a side of Eds Famous Cheesy Fries. Sarah said that she was pleasantly surprised when her meal turned up. She was expecting a white roll, but the brown roll with seeds that turned up was lovely and soft (hard to find in a gluten free roll apparently) and it complimented the burger really well.

I had so much trouble choosing as there is so much choice for us non vegetarians! In the end I went for the All day breakfast burger with sweet potato fries and a pot of that yummy Cheese Sauce! I asked to omit the mushroom from mine. As someone who can normally eat gluten I was very intrigued to so how this tasted as a whole compared to what I eat when I normally dine at Eds. I have to say that it was delicious, I don't really know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be on par with what I am used to! The egg was cooked just as I like it, slightly soft yolk, the burger was cooked to perfection and juicy, in fact it was such a big burger I had to eat most of it with a knife and fork!

I think the Cheese Sauce deserves its own cheeky mention.... The reason my family fell in love with Eds in the first place was the cheese sauce, as you all know we have a Disney obsession and the Cheese sauce just takes us back to Florida, where you can find it on every menu! The cheese sauce in Eds is the only cheese sauce I have tasted in this country that actually tastes exactly like the American Cheese sauce we know and love!  

By the time we had finished our mains, we were pretty full up, but we made sure we had just a little bit of room left for dessert! We were so full up that we actually ended up SHARING the Brownie Points dessert! The staff were really good and even split our 1 portion onto 2 plates! Oh my gosh. It was AMAZING! Such a yummy chocolatey, gooey dessert, we actually forced ourselves to eat it all even though we were full because it was just too yummy to leave!

We left Eds Easy Diner practically rolling out from being so full!

We had a great time dining at Eds, Sarah said it was so nice to have a meal out without having to explain to the chef what she can and can't eat. She simply picked straight from the menu and relaxed, knowing that what she was going to be served was going to be ok for her to eat. The fact she can now arrange to meet friends or family for a meal with no hassle is great, that part of her social life will no longer be a worry, it will be a stress free and relaxing time!

We both loved the fact that the prices on the Gluten Free menu were exactly the same as on the main menu as were the portion sizes. All too often, you find that Gluten Free means more expense and less food, but that is certainly not the case here. They have done a great job of making everyone feel welcome. We only had 1 gripe and that was the fact there was only 1 vegetarian burger on the Gluten Free menu. However, looking at it another angle they only have 2 vegetarian burgers on their main menu so that is still 50% of their vegetarian menu added to the Gluten Free menu.

I can see that this is now going to be our go to place when enjoying a cheeky shopping trip, its yummy, good value and hassle free!

Do you follow a gluten free diet, how do you find eating out?

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