Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Chicken Pox.... Here we go again!

I heard a rumor last week that Chicken Pox was going round Millie's Nursery. I will admit that this did fill me with dread. We are not immune to Chicken Pox you see. I have had it 4 times! Yes you read that right FOUR times! The last time I had it I was 22 and it was awful! Chester has had it twice and Millie the once. Until now.

On Monday morning a friend mentioned to me on the School run that her Daughter (who is Millie's friend at Nursery) had got the dreaded Chicken Pox. So when I got home I just had a little niggle and decided to check Millie. What did I find? 4 very obvious Chicken pox on her back! How I did not notice this when getting her ready that morning I will never know! My only excuse it that I am not a morning person!

So for the second time Millie has Chicken Pox!

Arghhhhhh perfect timing Millie! Not!

We are just about to start the Easter Holidays and we go on our family holiday soon! Poor Chester has got his Easter Service today, he has been practicing his line so much, and is now gutted that I can not come and watch him. I feel awful for letting him down, but I simply can not take Millie!

The spots have really sprung up overnight, they are literally everywhere, she is complaining of pain today and I feel so sorry for her. She is currently covered from head to toe in Calamine lotion and Sudocrem! Even her head is covered in spots!

My happy little girl is no longer happy. I really hope that it passes quickly and that no one else manages to catch it again!

Anyone else had Chicken Pox more than once?!

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