Sunday, 22 March 2015

Chester's first Taekwondo Tyger Combat Competition

On Saturday Chester took part in his very first Tyger Combat Competition. He still really enjoys his Taekwondo so we really encourage him to take part in as many of the extras as he wants too. So when the opportunity came up for a couple of training sessions for this Taekwondo extra, which would then lead to taking part in a Competition, we were only too happy to let him participate.

Having never been to a Competition before, none of us really knew what to expect. Chester was a little nervous, I could tell. But seemed to really enjoy himself and it was really great fun to watch.

First off they had to do a Hi Kick competition. They had to kick a tennis ball which was suspended from the ceiling. It was all to do with their height, for instance the first round height was measured to their nose. Chester did really well in rounds 1 and 2, but he didn't quite manage to kick the ball in round 3, so he was out. After a while it was down to just 2 children, it was really nail biting to watch, they were both really good!

Then it was onto the Combat competition, it was split into 3 groups, and they were split in height order. Chester was in the lowest height group. His first match he did really well, he managed to remember to block and attack at the same time, and he won 6-1.

His second match he started off really well, and he was winning 3-0, but I think he let the lead go to his head, and he soon lost concentration and forgot to block! Needless to say he lost that match and he was out!

But he was happy to have taken part and I was really proud of him and the fact that he remembered what I had said that morning. Its not the winning its the taking part that counts. He came out of his first competition raring to go and asking me when the next one would be! He had such a great time, I am really happy for him!

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