Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A sunny Spring day at Scotney Castle!

What a lovely Sunny weekend we had here in Kent!

We couldn't possibly stay indoors, so we packed up a picnic and headed to Scotney Castle. I have been wanting to explore Scotney Castle for a long time, but for one reason or another it always gets put off. But not this weekend, I was determined to see if it looked as good as in the pictures!

Well, we wasn't disappointed! The grounds are made up of a large house, some beautiful gardens and then the old castle surrounded by a moat. So plenty to explore and keep the children entertained.

The house was very interesting, at the moment they have got a large WW1 display throughout, they had found a trunk in the attic containing the WW1 diaries of a soldier. It was all very interesting, and selfishly I would like to go back without the children so that I could read it all in detail rather than just skim over it.

We all loved the different rooms, the way that a lot of the upstairs rooms seemed to interconnect, bringing you back round to where you started amazed the children. I love old houses, they have so many stories to tell.

We took a slow walk down to the old castle after that, stopping in the nature hut for quite a while. Millie and Chester had a great time looking for worms in the wormery, doing chalk rubbings, colouring pictures, feeling the fur on different animals and feeling how heavy a deer antler was. We all learnt something new whilst in there, the life cycle of a ladybird!

The castle was so pretty, we sat down and had a picnic admiring the views. Chester and Millie kept themselves entertained by spotting fish in the moat and naming the ducks! Apparently The girl duck is now called Miranda!

Inside the castle they have a WW1 art exhibition and I have to say it is pretty poignant. Chester was very interested in the secret cupboard story, and both children were  bemused by the old style toilets!

We spent the rest of our time exploring the estate, we came across an old boat house and both children are convinced it is an elf house, the excitement in their faces when they saw it was so cute!

We even stopped by the cafe for a cheeky ice cream for the children and a cream tea for me!

Did you make the most of the sunny weather this weekend? What did you get up to?
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