Friday, 13 February 2015

Ways to entertain your children this half term.

As I am sitting here typing this half term is just about to begin.

It can be a stressful time, keeping the children entertained for the whole week. I mean, when they are at School their minds are occupied on their learning, but at home they easily become bored. February half term is always a tricky one, because most people are still recovering from the Christmas period financially. So I like to find ways to keep the children entertained on a budget for this first half term of the year.

I recently contributed a tip to the Attractiontix blog, for a post entitled Things to do with the Kids in the School holidays. It well worth a read as there are 24 tips from other lovely mums with ideas to keep you busy all week and beyond!

I wanted to write a post to elaborate on my tip, which was;  'Spend the morning writing/drawing up a countryside checklist, then spend the afternoon exploring a local park ticking off your checklist as you find the items!'

This is actually something we do quite a lot, and the children never get bored of it! As I have said many times before we love to be outside, so any excuse to explore the countryside and we are there!

In the past we have had lots of fun looking for the things on our lists. The things included can range from a tree or a flower to something a bit more obscure like a baby Panda! I bet you can guess who wants us to look for that one?!

The afternoon quite often ends in a bear hunt, especially if we are going to local woodland. Chester will recite his favourite story to us 'We're going on a bear hunt' whilst we carefully look behind logs and bushes for the elusive bear! Craig claims to have spotted him several times, but the children and I are yet to see him!

If the Weather is nice, we pack a picnic too. A picnic is the icing on the cake to the children as they love a bit of alfresco dining on a blanket! It all adds to the excitement of the day, which in turn leads to a much easier bed time!

What are your plans for this half term?

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