Wednesday, 4 February 2015

These precious moments..

Craig's day off was today. So he got up to do the School run. Surprisingly Millie woke up early and wanted to go on the School run too. She really loves to do everything her brother does!

When they came back, I was still in bed. Not asleep, just enjoying the lazy morning. I could hear Millie excitedly telling Craig all sorts of things, about dollies, and Nursery, and then requesting the playdoh box to come out.

She is such a chatty little girl, such a happy thing. Always has an air of excitement and fun in her voice.

Then I started thinking, this wont last forever. Her 'toddler' voice will soon be gone. Her pronunciation of words will start to sharpen up and she will not be saying 'my' meaning 'me' or calling her brother 'Sester' rather than 'Chester' for much longer.

I remembered back to the time when Chester was that age, and was saddened to realise that I actually do not remember what his little voice sounded like. Luckily the video camera will have caught it, so somewhere in our house we will have the recordings of this precious time.

Time goes so quickly and it is very easy to move onto the next 'phase'. I know that when Millie grows up a little bit more her little voice will change, it will sound more grown up. I am certain it will still have that air of excitement to it, but it won't be the same. I will miss it when its gone. Its just another reminder of how quickly my babies are growing up!

Hold on to these moments, and when you get annoyed that you have been asked the same question 100 times that day, remind yourself, that little voice will soon be gone. It will soon be replaced with a more grown up one and you won't be able to get it back. Cherish the little things.

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