Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My 7 things....

Ok so if you are on facebook, you have probably seen the 7 things post. The one where you share 7 things about yourself that people are unlikely to know. I did mine the other day, and then thought well why not share it with you lovely lot?!


So, here are my 7 things people may not really know about me. Which, I might add,  has been really hard as I live my life on social media lol.... 

1) I have major number OCD, I have to have all numbers even. Millie was born on the 9th and if they had of had the correct number of consultants working that day she would have been born on the 8th. This freaks me out, everytime I think about it. 

2) I love all things Walt Disney World (as you all know) but I would really love to visit on my own one day, so that I could selfishly do everything I want to do, when I want to do it. 

3) I accepted a lift home from School from a friend, rather than catching a bus. This meant I missed (without me realising) visiting my Grandad. The next day he passed away unexpectedly. Ever since I have been extremely indecisive about every choice I make in life. 

4) I love Buddy Holly's music and have seen the musical more times than I can remember.

5) I still can't decide if we chose the right name for Millie, and I really regret not putting Millicent on the birth certificate 

6) History really interests me, but I never took it as a GCSE because I didn't like the teacher. 

7) I am extremely shy (who would have guessed it?!) It takes a lot for me chat to new people, to the point I feel sick. Once I get talking I am fine. But if someone says something bad/nasty/untrue about my children I will see red regardless of how well I know you. 

8) I know it's meant to be 7 but because I hate odd numbers.... I really want to visit Pompeii!

So there you go! Have you taken part in this? 

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