Thursday, 5 February 2015

Making mealtimes fun!

Mealtimes can be tricky in our house. It really depends on the mood of the children as to whether they like the food I am serving them that day! If Chester has had a tiring day at School, or if Millie has had an unplanned afternoon nap, which has caused her to wake up grumpy, it can be a real challenge to get them to sit at the table and eat what I have cooked for them!

Bernard Matthews recently gave me an idea that was sure to make our mealtimes more fun, and help to cheer those tired and grumpy children up!

They have been working with famous food artist Carl Warner to create an amazing food scene to help get children excited about meal times. We were then set a challenge to create our own scene, which we gladly accepted, and what fun we had....

Its very handy that Chester is currently into dinosaurs in a big way. Because the Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs were the base of our food art. Everything I created was around that theme.

I made our food art as a family platter, because as a family we are really into sharing platters and helping yourself at the table. But it could very easily be scaled down for individual plates if that works best for your family.

Our volcano was made out of Bernard Matthews Hamwiches and ketchup, I used green beans for the grass, Bernard Matthews Turkey Drummers and curly kale for the trees, mashed potato for the clouds and of course Turkey Dinosaurs to roam around!

It was very easy to make and very effective. The reaction from the children was fantastic they ate a bit of everything with no fuss, it was a great balanced meal!

If you like this idea, then do pop over to the Bernard Matthews website its had a revamp and they have lots of meal time inspiration, including ideas from lots of other lovely bloggers! You can even take part in a competition to win a fab prize by showing off your own Food Art!

Do you create food art for your children? I would love to hear about it!

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