Monday, 9 February 2015

Kurio Tab - A family friendly Tablet

Before Christmas you may remember me writing about our initial thoughts on the Kurio Tab. Well we have had it for almost 3 months now, meaning we have had lots of time to give it a really good play with. So I thought it was about time I gave you another update!

The Kurio Tab is labelled a 'Family Tablet' and I was very keen to explore the benefits of a tablet suitable for all the family. Chester and Millie have certainly been very busy helping us to test out the Kurio Tab. They both have very different ways in which they like to 'play' on it.

Chester is very much a know what he wants and goes straight for it kind of kid. So once I downloaded the games he wanted onto the Kurio, he was happy to just get on and play them. He has also explored the games that are preloaded onto the Kurio and worked out how to save his favourite ones to his favourites! The screen size is perfect for him and the size of the whole tablet is perfect too.

Chester finds the stand that was supplied with the Kurio (meant for the motion sensor games, more on those later) very handy. He uses it when he is watching youtube videos and needs to free his hands up to make the lego, or play the skylander level he is referring too on youtube.

Millie is a big fan of the Kurio games. You get over 50 already pre loaded with the tablet, and we have downloaded more, and deleted the ones that are not relevant to us to save on memory space. Most of the Kurio games are pretty educational and they are all fun. Take the Ice Cream game for example. You have to make the icecreams up in record time, but this requires quick thinking, we all really enjoy this one and the children have proved that their reaction times are much better than mine!

Of course it was only a matter of time before Millie found a panda game to play!

Another great feature to the Kurio Tab is that it has motion sensor games. The games are very easy for even young children to play,as it tracks your movement to play the game. The swimming motion game is a favourite here and although we are a very active family who enjoy lots of outdoors time, we really enjoyed that extra opportunity to get active on very rainy days! They are such fun games to play and certainly a great opportunity to get more active whilst using a tablet!

Its very easy for both children to get onto their profiles on the Kurio, they simply drag their avatar onto the lock sign and it opens up their profile. To get onto the adult profile we have selected to add a number password. Unfortunately Chester has already worked this out and we did have an incident where he managed to get onto his game in the adult profile and purchase £15.95 worth of gems from the play store. I could of cried that day! But I soon realised that even though he should not of gone on there in the first place, I had incorrectly set up the google play purchasing security. So really I only had myself to blame. On that note, a word of advice.. when you are setting up, make sure you go into your google play settings and tick the box to ALWAYS ask for a password before making a purchase!

The battery life seems to last through the day for us, perhaps we get such a good life out of it because we have set both children up with time control on the tablet, and Craig just uses the tablet in the evening when the children are in bed. I would suggest not using the tablet whilst it is on charge, we tend to charge ours at night time and I always take the tablet out of the case, just because I feel that the charge lead fits more securely without the case.

Whilst we are on the subject let me tell you a bit more about the time control we have been using for the children. It is another great plus for this tablet. In the parent settings you can set a time slot for each child to use the Kurio Tab. You can decided how much 'play time' they have per time, and during what hours they can have it. Meaning that if for some reason they managed to sneak the Tab into their room at bedtime they wouldn't be able to use it anyway! I have allowed for 1 hour per weekday each and 1.5 hours on the weekend. of course I am able to adjust this if need be. For us, this has been great. They seem to be more accepting when it comes to who's turn it is and it has caused less arguments between them. I think because that authority wasn't coming from Craig or I (technically it was, but we won't tell the children that, will we), it was coming from the Tab, they were happy to accept it and take turns nicely!

As a parent, I am very impressed with this tablet. You have the best of both worlds really, the children are happy that they can play games on a tablet and I am happy in the knowledge that it is safe for them to use. I know that they can not get onto the internet (unless I set it, or supervise it) and they will not spend their whole waking day glued to the screen because we have set up the time control option. What makes this a 'family tablet' is that everyone has their own profile, so although Chester and Millie may not have full use of the internet, on our parent profile we do. Meaning everyone can enjoy it! I am very impressed with the google play store, it seems to be very well supported and we have not had any problems downloading things that we have wanted too.

Chester is happy that on his profile it is purely his games, he hasn't had to put up with any 'girly princess things' as he calls them. Equally Millie hasn't had to put up with any 'scary dinosaur things' from Chester's profile.

In my opinion the Kurio Tab is a great investment, it is cost effective really as you only need to have one tablet rather than one for each family member. If you are looking for a tablet that everyone can use, this is certainly one to consider!

You can find out more about the Kurio Tab and other Kurio products on their website.

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