Friday, 13 February 2015

How we feed our family of 4 for around £40 per week!

After watching Eat Well For Less last night, and seeing that a family of 4 was spending over £300 per week, I have been involved in two separate discussions on social media about how much people spend a week on their shop. Its been an interesting discussion, some have admitted they spend quite a lot (although not quite £300) and others, like me can manage it on less than £100 per week no problems.

This subject always interests me, as we manage to spend around £40 a week. People often ask me how we do it and also assume that we don't eat well, but in fact since being more savvy with our weekly shop we have eaten much better than we used too, all our meat is fresh and the majority of our meals are home cooked from scratch.

My secret....


At this point I think its worth me mentioning that Aldi have not asked me to write this post, I am merely giving you an insight into our Family life and how we shop.

3 years ago, when Millie was a baby, a friend advised me on the quality and value of the Aldi Nappies. I went in to grab a pack and came out with a trolley full of food. I have never looked back! Of course I would be lying if I said I only shop at Aldi, because on occasion I shop elsewhere, like us all, if I see a good deal I will be inclined to make an extra trip to another shop to purchase it.

But how do you manage to spend just £40 I hear you say?! Well let me explain....

This is this weeks shop, it came to £40.45p

I scour my cupboards, fridge and freezer before I go shopping and utilize what I already have to make meals and save on food waste (something you would never of heard me saying before the kids). This week I already had a pack of mince in my freezer and a Chicken and Asparagus pie, so this was the base part of 2 meals already. I then noticed that we still had some frozen veg left, plus store cupboard essentials such as crisps, porridge, pasta, tinned tomatoes, fruit, beans and some packet sauces/marinades. I also had 1 pepper, 3 onions, new potatoes, white potatoes, blueberries, 3 oranges and 5 apples as well.

I went in with a list of what I already had and a rough list of meal ideas (depending on meat offers and availability).

With what I brought, our meals this week will be...

Friday: (Children at a party) so Chicken and Asparagus pie with mash and fresh greens for Craig and I.

Saturday: Valentines day meal for Craig and I (more on that later) Pizza movie night tea for the kids.

Sunday: Toad in the hole with winter veg mix and sweet potato fries (homemade). Mixed Fruit Strudel.

Monday: Chicken Drumsticks and thighs marinated in BBQ marinade (or a lemon and herb one depending on my mood that day) with fresh greens and new potatoes.

Tuesday: Pancake day! My homemade savoury minced beef pancakes, followed by sweet pancakes.

Wednesday: Pork steaks with mixed veg and mashed potato.

Thursday: Beef Fajitas, served with white rice and mixed veg.

Obviously apart from Valentines day and Pancake day these meal days can be swapped around to suit our schedule. I have also brought enough for breakfast, snacks and lunches.

Of course shopping is not just about food, once or twice a month we need things like dishwasher tablets, shampoo, shower gel, toilet roll, cleaning products etc. I normally spread them out across the month, this week I have brought pack of 9 luxury toilet roll for £2.69 and Anti bac spray for 49p.

I didn't buy milk today as I tend to buy this from a local shop when we need it and I am almost certain we will need an extra loaf of bread by the end of the week because its half term!

This week is slightly different due to it being valentines day tomorrow. So I bought this for Craig and I's 3 course home cooked meal. I cost me just £8.65!

I pulled out my receipts from the last month, the total spend including the valentines meal was £149.85 which averages £37.46 per week!

For 4 of us I think thats amazing! Of course, I will admit that we have grabbed a chocolate bar or two when we are out, or treated ourselves to lunch whilst on a family day out. But when we are spending such a little amount on our weekly shop we can afford the odd luxury or too!

How do you do your weekly shop? Are you careful like me or do you just buy what takes your fancy that day?

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