Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chester - Showing his softer side

I think as a mother you instinctively know what peoples perception of your child is. I know that Chester can be a handful, he is a very active, typical rough and tumble boy. But as his Mother I know that there is a different side to Chester, a side that sometimes, people are not prepared to look for. If you take the time to scratch the surface you will see that Chester is actually a very kind hearted and caring little boy.

Today has been a fine example of Chester showing his softer side.

Chester requested to make his girlfriends a Valentines card each (yes, apparently he has two girlfriends at the age of 6!). I was more than happy to let him do this, I got all of the relevant craft materials out and let him decide what he was going to do. He needed a little help drawing the vase and a heart but it was all his own ideas and after I had drawn what I needed to, I left him to it! He spent so much time making sure they were just right, and made sure that they were personal to each girl.

Here are the finished cards...

and this is what he wrote inside...

He is so excited about giving them to the two lucky girls tomorrow, and I am really pleased for him. Such a sweet and thoughtful thing for him to do!

Anyone else's children been busy making cards for their loved ones?!

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