Thursday, 22 January 2015

The New Year Declutter has commenced!

Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to make a few changes to my Kitchen/Dining room and my understairs cupboard.

Today, at around midday, I seriously regretted that decision.

Basically, what I wanted, was to make the dining area and the understairs cupboard look less cluttered. I could see lots of things that needed to either be thrown away or given to the charity shop!

Yesterday afternoon, with Craig's help, I decluttered the understairs cupboard. It hadn't long been done so it didn't take too long and I managed to find new homes for most things. Then in the evening I decided to take everything off of our large kitchen cupboard/display unit, as it was cluttering up my dining area. This didn't take too long, but by the end my kitchen looked a complete tip! I knew that everything had a place, but that wouldn't be until the morning.

I realise now, that the morning was a very unrealistic time frame to give myself. I don't think I really thought that what I wanted to do, would take so long. In my head it was a simple shuffle around. In reality it was an all day nightmare!

Lots of things have been packed up ready to take to the Charity shops, and 6, yes SIX, black sacks of rubbish have been thrown out, how did I let this toot pile up for so long?! But equally, lots of things needed to find a new home, such as my cookbooks, and all of the childrens games that were stored in the cupboard, not to mention half of our Blu Ray collection and lots of play doh!  I also moved and decluttered our craft unit and moved it under the stairs.

So it was really the re-jigging that took the time. I started at 9.15am this morning, only stopping to pick up Millie from Nursery and Chester from School. and finally finished at 6 this evening! Madness!

I have a few finishing touches to do tomorrow but all in all its done, and I am so happy with the way it looks. No more everyone having to squash between the table and the unit and I can even put the table at an angle with lots of room to spare!

Of course I had to make sure I had my own little Disney area!

I really want to declutter as much as I can this year, we have outgrown our 2 bedroom house and will eventually sell and buy a 3 bedroom, but in the mean time I really want to prove (to myself) that, not only can we live without clutter, but also that its ok to get rid of things that you haven't looked at for the past 9 years!

Anyone else started a New Year declutter? How are you getting on?

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