Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sunday's were made for this....

Some people really dislike Winter. I suppose I can see why it would be a bit unappealing. Wind and rain is forecast most days. Then for most people, there is the prospect of going to work when its dark and getting in from work when its dark!

But I don't see winter like that. You will have already read in my first post this year that I am determined to make the most of our Annual Passes and Winter is certainly not going to stop us. In fact its only going to increase our fun! Millie is somewhat obsessed with Peppa Pig, so going anywhere that gives the excuse to jump in a muddy puddle is perfect for her! Then we have Chester, our outdoor explorer! He will find fun and adventure in everything, whatever the weather!

Last year we had some great wintery outdoor moments, really making use of the country park just a few minutes from where we live! It is my intention to make full use of such a great FREE local amenity this year too!

Of course all of these times spent in the cold can only mean one thing.. coming home from those lovely winter walks, putting the kettle on, put our PJ's on and getting out the blankets and throws so that we can all snuggle on the sofa together and chat about the day we have just had! The perfect way to end a perfect day! Actually I think this is the reason that Sunday's are my favourite day, its all about family time and sharing moments together.

I have strong childhood memories of Sundays. They usually consisted of all four of us getting in the car and driving to Knole Park. With my Dad stopping off at the newsagents on the way. He used to buy us sweets to have half way round. I am sure he thought we didn't know that he had gone in the newsagents for the sweets?! But it was always an excitement when we were half way round to find out exactly what sweets or chocolate he had chosen! We used to have so much fun on those walks, spotting deer, climbing trees, looking for golf balls (as there is a golf course right next to the park!), and we used to stay out for hours!

But when we got home, it was always the same routine. Mum would put the kettle on, Dad would get the pillsbury dough out so that Sarah and I could help 'make' some pastries. Then we would all snuggle on the sofa and watch The A Team and the Antiques Roadshow!

Its funny how things stick, I try to carry this on as much as I can for my children. Of course minus the Antiques Roadshow! We normally end up watching a movie or if Chester gets his way... Phineas and Ferb!

How about you? Do your family enjoy the winter months?

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