Friday, 9 January 2015

My cheeky toddler is 3 today!

I just can not believe it. My cheeky little Millie is 3 today!

It only seems like yesterday I was rushing to the hospital to have her!

This past year has been another great year for Millie. Everything she does amazes me, and even though her brother did it before her, I still love those firsts and milestones!

She started her year with the terrible two's, which seem to have got more controllable as the year has gone on. Her tantrums are not as bad as they were, although she is still very good at throwing them, and her ability to sit still has improved!

Then she was very brave and gave all of her dummies to the Dummy fairy! It was a testing first week, but she did it! What a good little girl!

We then come to the start of what has developed into a very big part of Millie's life... her obsession with baby Panda's! I find it amazing that she is still so obsessed with them. If you ask her what her name is, she will often tell you its 'Millie Panda'! She has got such a fantastic imagination, she can make a game out of anything, quite often her made up games include some Panda characters. Recently she has been telling us that when she grows up she wants to be a Panda keeper, so that she can care for the baby Panda's in China! She has seen some Panda videos on Youtube so I think that is where that idea has come from. But how cool would it be if that dream did become a reality for her one day?!

In June we tackled Potty training. Something I was really not looking forward too. But in true Millie style she took it all in her stride. With the help of some princess stickers it was a fairly straight forward process.

In the summer we spent lots of days at the beach and at the park, Millie loved to copy her brother, and I think lots of credit needs to go to Chester where Millie's learning is concerned. He is a fantastic big brother, and really loves to teach her new things and show her how things are done... the Chester way! The summer was also the time when she started to learn how to ride a bike, I can see that this is going to be just as testing as Chester's bike riding, but I am pleased that she is showing an interest!

Millie had two new challenges towards the end of the year. The first one being Ballet, which she absolutely loves, and even since September she has come on so well, showing us all of her moves, she is very enthusiastic about it! The second challenge was Nursery School, This challenge was probably harder for me than it was for Millie, she was ready for Nursery and walked in with such confidence! She has a smile on her face everytime I pick her up, and always has lots to tell me! I can see that Nursery is going to play an important part in her coming year, she has already picked up so much!

So there we go, Millie is another year older. I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for Millie, but I do wish time would slow down just a little bit!

Happy 3rd Birthday Millie!

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