Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lego Ninjago magazine review and giveaway!

If you have read the 'Our Family' tab at the top of this blog, you will see that one of Chester's favourite things is Lego. He also loves watching the Lego TV series, Ninjago. The theme tune is so catchy I often have it stuck in my head! 

Today is the Launch of a new Lego Ninjago magazine. 

Chester was lucky enough to receive a copy to review and he was very excited about it! The first thing that caught his eye were the 'freebies' on the front of the magazine. A big sheet of Ninjago stickers, lets face it, stickers are always going to go down well with kids! Plus an actual lego figure of Kai, the Red Ninja! Well that was just the best magazine freebie ever to Chester! Perfect to add to his already large collection of Lego! 

Then it was time to explore the magazine. I have to say it is crammed full of lots of fun things to read and do! Lots of comic style stories to read. some posters, puzzles, competitions, fan pages and information pages. Chester's favourite page in this first issue is the Which Ninja are you? Page. He took the quiz and it turns out he is like the black Ninja, Cole. 'You like working in a team, but you are always telling the others what to do! You are popular at School and everyone wishes they could be like you!' Yep, that is Chester alright! 

The magazine is priced at £3.25, at first I thought that was a bit steep, but then I realised that the magazine is not a monthly its actually a 6 weekly. So I would be happy to pay that price, especially when you consider the amount of content that is included. 

Do you have a child who loves Lego Ninjago as much as Chester?! If so I have a giveaway to win a copy of the new Lego Ninjago Magazine (5 of the lucky entrants will each win a copy!) over on my twitter page! 

All you need to do is RT this tweet making sure you include the answer to the question! If you have been paying attention on this post you will already know the answer! You have until 4pm on the 4th of February 2015, promoter is Immediate Media Co London;UK entrants only 16yrs+;5 winners picked at random from @Oneblueonepink followers with correct answer.

Good luck! 

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