Friday, 9 January 2015

LED lighting, an energy saving solution!

10 years ago I would not of given the term 'energy saving' the time of day. It was a thought that didn't really enter my mind. But nowadays I have two very important reasons to be thinking about energy saving, saving money and the environment. Those reasons are Chester and Millie! 

Since having the children, I have certainly become more aware of our spending, I have become very good at making our money go further. This started with the little things like turning off appliances that were not in use or switching to energy saving bulbs. LED bulbs are something that interests me nowadays. We have switched all our Christmas tree lights over to LED, but what about our other lights? We have 12 lights in total in our house. Whilst the initial cost for LED lighting is higher, they can actually save upto 80% of electrical power. Now that really is money saving! LED Planet have made this fun infographic to show how energy efficient some of our most iconic buildings are because they have or are switching to LED lighting. Its an interesting read.....
LED Lighting

*This post was a collaboration with LED Planet

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