Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Exploring Bodiam Castle

In my first post this year, I told you that we were intending on making full use of some of our annual membership passes. So on Sunday, having looked out of the window and seen the mild yet sunny weather, we decided to head to Bodiam Castle. A National Trust property just under an hour from us.

It originally caught my eye for two reasons. One, because it was a castle and both children really love the adventure of exploring castles. Two, because it had a moat, something that I thought the children would be fascinated with. 

The Children were very excited when we arrived in the car park, to see the castle was not too far from us! So we popped on our Wellington boots, put some snacks and drinks into our backpack and set off to explore! 

When we got closer, Chester spotted the moat and questioned how we were going to get into the Castle. Which is exactly the reaction I expected. Craig and I told him it looked like the only option was to swim across! His face was a mixture of fear and confusion, so very funny! 

We soon spotted the bridge across to the castle though, so all turned out ok! 

We spent a good amount of time exploring, there was lots to see, and even some stocks to leave your children in..... 

Whilst we were walking round we noticed some other children had a horn that was telling a story when it was swiped on a button. We found out that they were available to borrow, so that's what we did, a good excuse to go round the castle again! 

We had a really great afternoon at Bodiam Castle, it's certainly somewhere we would like to visit again! 

Do you have any National Trust favourites that you would recommend?

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