Wednesday, 7 January 2015

An energy releasing club for Chester....

Over the last couple of months Chester has been enjoying a sport . Something that at first I wasn't entirely sure would be a good idea for him.


A couple of his classmates attend Taekwondo, and Chester kept on asking if he could go. I finally gave in and he started attending in November. There were 3 classes to choose from, and I purposely chose the one that his friends did not attend. As I think the distractions would be too much for Chester.

Chester is part of the Junior Tygers, I was reassured that Taekwondo teaches discipline and that I would not be getting phone calls from School to say he has been practicing on his classmates! So far this has been true! I am not entirely sure if this is just coincidence or not, but since joining Taekwondo Chester's behaviour and ability to concentrate at School has improved loads!

It does say on their website that they hope to improve on the following with training

• Confidence
• Discipline
• Co-ordination
• Balance
• Self control
• Concentration
• Energy release
• Self esteem
• Manners and respect

I can see improvements in all of these areas for Chester. I specifically think the energy release is exactly what Chester needed. I am happy that parents are allowed to sit and watch the classes, as this is something I feel I miss out on with Millie's ballet. I love watching him doing something he enjoys!

The class is lots of fun, yet very strict and structured at the same time, exactly what I wanted for Chester! I chuckled to myself on the first week, when one of the children were told to drop and give 5 Tyger press ups for being the last one to do what was required. The next week it was Chester! I honestly thought Chester would throw a strop about it, but luckily he took it on the chin and just got on with it!

Yesterday, Chester asked me if I could buy him the uniform, and as I am confident that it is something he will enjoy for a long time, I said yes.

He was so proud when he put it on, so cute!

Anyone else's children do Taekwondo? Do you think its a good sport for children?

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