Saturday, 24 January 2015

A refreshing change on the soft drinks market!

I am not a big alcoholic drinker. I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine or Archers and Lemonade, but I am a take it or leave it kinda girl.

This means that I am always on the look out for something 'different' when it comes to soft drinks, something slightly unusual to make a change from what I am used to.

I was recently made aware of a range of soft drinks, Heartsease Farm. They are all natural drinks made from the best ingredients and expertly blended with their own spring water on their farm in Wales.

They are available in 6 flavours, which are:

Elderflower Pressè
Traditional Lemonade
St Clements Pressè
Fiery Ginger Beer
Raspberry Lemonade
Blackcurrant Crush

Now, I was most looking forward to trying the Raspberry Lemonade, as that is certainly a flavour I have loved in the past. However I was sent Blackcurrant Crush and Fiery Ginger Beer, which was good in a way because the Ginger Beer is something I would not normally go for, so it enabled me to try something completely different!

If I am honest, I was half expecting them to taste the same as other fruity soft drinks on the market, but I was wrong! The depth of flavour, especially in the Blackcurrant Crush was delightful. I really refreshing change, and totally unexpected! My only negative was that I wasn't expecting the sparkling to be as sparkling as it was. I do enjoy fizzy drinks, but I prefer them when they have just a hint of fizz. But thats just personal choice!

I like the fact that the bottles are perfect picnic size. We love our picnics, and enjoy them in 3 of the 4 seasons. I will be nice to be able to add something new to our picnic favourites this year! I enjoyed the Fiery Ginger Beer with a Sunday Roast Dinner so even in these colder months they can be enjoyed!

A great alternative soft drink, be it if you are taking part in dry January, are pregnant, or simply fancy a different kind of soft drink, I would recommend you give Heartsease Farm a try!

Do you have a favourite flavour of soft drink?

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