Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Panda Birthday Cake for Millie!

When I asked Millie what Birthday cake she would like, it was no surprise to anyone when she replied with 'A Panda one'! I was secretly hoping she was going to say a Frozen one, as I would really love to make a Frozen cake! But she didn't so I had to get my thinking cap on and decide how I was going to make this Panda cake.

I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and then ebay for some Panda cutters!

But ultimately the cake I made today is my own idea. I am pretty chuffed with it and Millie is going to be over the moon with it when she see's it at her 3rd Birthday Party at the weekend!

I made 2 chocolate sponge's, and left them to cool overnight. I then completely covered them in Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icing. I have said it before, and I will say it again, not even homemade icing beats the taste of Betty Crocker icing!

I then covered the cake in ready to roll white icing. This was pretty tricky, but I feel I am getting better each time I lay icing over a cake, so I was happy with the result.

I looked at the cake blankly for a good 10 minutes before deciding the cake needed a 'ribbon' of pink and purple flowers. So I used small amounts of white icing and added purple and pink food colour pastes accordingly. Using my flower cutters I pressed out A LOT of flowers! Securing them to the cake with a small brush of water.

I then needed to make some grass/leaves. I was going to paint these on using food colouring, but at the last minute decided to make them out of icing. I also used some yellow food colour paste to make some bamboo. Millie had specifically requested bamboo and this was the best I could do!

I added some of the icing flowers as well, to make it a feature side of the cake.

Next I used the Panda cutters along with black and white icing to make 3 Panda's. My odd number OCD was is still going into overdrive about this. But as Millie is going to be 3 it seemed a bit silly to have any other amount!

I placed them in the bottom half of the cake, adding an extra piece of bamboo to the panda who looked like he was ready to eat!

Finally I piped Millie's name and age at the top, decorating with some left over flowers. I am a leftie, so for me, the writing didn't go too badly!

This is the finished cake...

What do you think?

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