Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Christmas Tree Festival!

Over the last couple of weeks Chester, Millie and I (and even Craig at times) have been busy making Christmas Tree decorations! We normally make some for our own tree, or even to give as gifts. But this year we were making them for another reason.

The Church is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival this weekend, more than 50 trees are being decorated and displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Chester's School have made some, and lots of local businesses too. We wanted to get involved and as the Children would be visiting the Church tomorrow I thought it would be nice for Chester if we had a homemade theme for our tree. Then he could spot his tree when they go and visit!

We started out by making some clay. It is very easy, I have only discovered how to make it this year and I think it works better than salt dough. We used cookie cutters to make some Christmas shapes. Then once dried I sprayed with gold and silver spray paint and the Children helped me glitter!

Next up we coloured in a nativity scene backed with card and used ribbon to join it together. I wrapped this around the tree and when we bring it home, I will be hanging up around our living room.

Chester drew some snowmen and some Christmas animals and really wanted me to include them, so I did! We also made some Christmas pyramids and finally we made a Christmas Star to go on the top of the tree.

I went to set up the tree today, along with lots of other people, and was totally blown away by the creativity gone into the trees. I think it is a lovely thing to do. The Church certainly does look very festive!

Are you taking part in a Christmas Tree Festival this year?!

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