Monday, 1 December 2014


I just want to share a picture with you, it was taken yesterday just before we went to a Christmas Party.

I think it completely sums up the strong bond Chester and Millie have. 

They are very protective over each other. Sure, they have their arguments and whinge about each other, like any siblings do. But they love each other so very much and good times they have far outweigh the times they bicker! 

Chester is a fantastic big brother, he takes his role very seriously. He has taken Millie under his wing and feels the need to teach her and guide her everyday. He gets very excited when he comes out of School and spots Millie. He always asks her if she has had a good day, be it at home or at Nursery. When she is poorly, which at the moment is a lot, he gives her lots of cuddles and checks if she needs her juice cup! He may come across as a typical boisterous boy to most, but if you take the time to get to know him, you will soon learn that he is a kind and caring little boy, with a heart of gold! 

Millie really looks up to her big brother. She talks about him all the time, she tells everyone about her Chester. If we are out shopping she will always look out for things we could buy Chester. She loves that he teaches her things, she giggles along with him, even if she doesn't understand why he is laughing! She likes to copy him, and sometimes it's hard not to laugh at them when they are being cheeky, doing things like making up dances or songs, and like I said, quite often they are in fits of laughter themselves! 

They really do have a great relationship and I really hope that it stays that way. I love them very much, and I love that they seem to have so much respect for one and other. 

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