Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our thoughts on the Tesco Finest Party Food Range!

Christmas time to me means buffets and lots of them! Its the time of year when we get lots of visitors, so the easiest thing to do is to have lots of little nibbles on the table so everyone can eat when and what they like.

Of course I have to make sure I cater for everyone, from kids, to adults and then my Sister who is a vegetarian. I like to have a stock of party food in my fridge and freezer too, for unexpected guests or for when, quite frankly I can't be bothered to cook a full meal!

Tesco's Finest party range looks pretty impressive this year they have added some new dimensions to traditional favourites such as edible glitter, popping candy and Jewel like jelly pearls!

I really wanted to try out the Bang Bang Chicken Skewers with popping candy, but sadly our two nearest Tesco's did not stock that product. But luckily they had lots of other party foods in the range to tempt me!

This is just a very small selection, you can see just how much there is to choose from on their grocery website. 

What I like about the Tesco Finest party range is that it all cooks at 190 degrees, and can be frozen (and most of it cooked from frozen)! So when I was preparing all of this food for my Mum's Birthday buffet on Sunday I didn't need to worry about different cooking temperatures, and most things cooked at the same time or just a few minutes more. So everything was served piping hot at the same time!

We had a fantastic day celebrating my Mum's Birthday, and the buffet using the Tesco Finest party food just topped it off. Everyone really enjoyed the food, no one disliked anything. Everything was well flavoured and portion sizes we perfect. I loved that the Souflettes and the Macaroni Cheese balls were in individual paper 'cups', this makes them easy to hand around at a party!

Two clear favourites came out of the selection we had, and that was the Sticky Maple Glazed Chicken Wings, which were very moist and tender, but above all sweet! Plus the Scotch Steak and Cornish Real Ale Mini Pies, utterly delicious!

The Finest range is between £4-£5 and until the new year it is on 3 for 2. The 6 things we chose cost  just £16 and served all 6 of us (4 adults and 2 children). I think that is an absolute bargain! It will certainly be making its way onto my shopping list for Christmas and New Year thats for sure!

Do you like a buffet over the festive season?!

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