Monday, 15 December 2014

Millie the mischief!

Everyone knows that Millie takes after her brother! She is a mischief, just like him, in fact most of the time the pair up and cause mischief between them!

Its very hard not to laugh at her sometimes. Take yesterday for instance. She asked if I would like a biscuit, I said yes please, she then went to hand it to me and quickly pulled it away whilst saying 'haha too slow'! Then rather than just letting me have it, she quickly gobbled it up! Cheeky monkey!

Then there was the time, not so long ago, when Millie went quiet. I went to see what she was up to and the whole of my dining area looked like a glitter bomb had gone off! I spent a week hoovering it up, it was everywhere!

Time4Sleep are searching to find the UK's most mischievous toddler (you can find out how you can enter your toddler here), personally I think Millie is very much a contender for this title! The problem is that she is very clever with it, and she knows how to wrap us round her finger! Quite often when she has done something mischievous, she gives such a great story, or answers our question in such a funny way, that we can't help but laugh, distracting ourselves from what happened! She is very clever like that!

Millie has got a very active imagination (just like her brother) I find that I must keep her occupied at all times. As you know, she loves her Disney Princess Castle and still plays with it daily, even after nearly 2 years! But if she decides she has had enough of that for the day, I need to have a back up plan!

Millie really enjoys arts and crafts at the moment. So I often get out our wipe clean tablecloth out and put it on the living room floor so that she can get messy with the pens and paints and I can happily keep an eye on her whilst she does it!

My big tip to keep children out of mischief, whilst you are cooking dinner or trying to do the housework. Is to simply put on their favourite DVD. One of the things Millie happens to love at the moment is Peppa Pig, So that normally keeps her occupied whilst I am cooking the dinner! It's not that I am encouraging lots of TV time, its that sometimes, every parent needs that bit of distraction time, to help them get something done. I can normally cook the dinner with the assurance that Millie is sat in the same seat I placed her in and not distracting me when I have hot pots and pans around me!

Do you have any tips to keep toddlers out of mischief?! I would love to hear them!

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