Wednesday, 17 December 2014

IKEA soft toys for education campaign.

I was recently made aware of a campaign that IKEA are running in partnership with UNICEF and Save the Children. Here is a little bit about the campaign...

At IKEA, we believe all children deserve a quality education – because we know nothing has a more direct impact on wellbeing, from better health to increased wealth, than education. Education represents an opportunity, and it empowers children with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves. That’s where the Soft Toys for Education campaign comes in. The campaign is a partnership between IKEA Foundation, UNICEF and Save the Children, and the idea is simple: for every soft toy or children’s book sold, IKEA Foundation donates 1 euro to children’s education projects so more children can get the education they deserve.

The IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign is very simple: for every soft toy, children’s book and children’s card game sold between 26 October 2014 and 3 January 2015, IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to children’s education through UNICEF and Save the Children.

With 64 toys to choose from and prices starting from 80p, it couldn't be easier to help a child this winter. These magical toys really are the gifts that keep on giving.

Claudia Winkleman lends her voice for this video...

To me this seems like a very worthwhile cause. I truly believe education is a very important part of childhood. Since Chester has started School I can see such a change in him, his education has helped his understanding of the world around him, and given him some of the basic skill he needs to set himself up in life. So this campaign has got the thumbs up from me!

The Children were sent these adorable soft toys (both of which are part of the range where €1 is being donated from their sale).

Of course with Millie's love for Pandas she was thrilled with her new addition! Chester absolutely adores his wolf, this term at School they have been focusing on storytelling and fairy tales so the wolf from Red Riding Hood was very fitting for him. He can't stop laughing about the fact the wolf can gobble up Grandma and then he opens up the Tummy to find Grandma in once piece! He has also used the Wolf in a game about the Three Little Pigs that he and Millie were playing the other day (Millie was a little pig of course!)

The Panda costs just £3 and absolute bargain!! It is so soft and fluffy and so worth the money, especially knowing that part of that will be going to a worth cause.

The Wolf with Grandma costs just £8 the quality and detail on this wolf justifies the price, which I think is great value for money! Using toys as props for our imaginative play is something we do often, to have them from our favourite fairy tales is just fantastic!

Do your children have a favourite Fairytale?

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