Friday, 5 December 2014

Clarks Childrens Shoes!

I remember a saying being drummed into me since I was quite small.

'Look after your feet, you will use them daily for the rest of your life'

For me, looking after them doesn't necessarily mean apply moisturising cream and paint my toe nails! It means make sure you are wearing comfortable and correctly fitted shoes. My feet are quite wide, and I really struggle to find comfy shoes that do not hurt my feet, so 95% of the time I just wear trainers. I always wore correctly fitted shoes as a child and of course I wanted to make sure that I carried that on with my Children.

We have a Clarks Shoe Shop not far from us, they are always really friendly and helpful, even if we just pop in to get measured and not necessarily to buy anything, it's clear that their main concern is making sure the shoes are correctly fitted onto my Childrens feet. That is why we always go back, I feel as though I trust them with my Childrens feet! I also love that I can visit Clarks online, they have the full range online, so if I am looking for a particular shoe I can order online knowing that the childrens feet have been correctly measured in store! 

So on Saturday, we headed to Clarks. Chester was in need of some casual shoes for the weekends and Millie, well she is a girl, she always needs a pair of shoes! 

I let Chester explore the boys section, and decide what style he wanted. I think he likes the grown up responsibility of this, it keeps his attention span for longer! Clarks have a Dinosaur range, so it was no surprise that he chose some styles that included Dinosaurs on the actual shoe!

He was happy that his feet were big enough to be measured on the ipad, apparently that was 'awesome'.

In the end he went for the Pass Stomp from the Stomposaurus range. The deal breaker here for Chester was that, not only was there a Dinosaur skeleton on the side, they also had flashing lights! Chester is on the go at all times, I can see these trainer like shoes lasting a long time, they are really good quality and well made. At £32 for correctly fitted, comfy shoes, you can't go wrong!

Now on to Millie. Well, what can I say. The girl likes her shoes! Luckily the sales assistant who served us had lots of patience!

I love that Clarks have got such a big range of shoe styles. I had brought Millie some Clarks Winter boots a few weeks back, so really what she needed was some pretty shoes that would be suitable for wearing with dresses (does that girl ever wear anything else?) for parties etc. Millie normally has to go for a t bar shoe because her feet are like mine. She has a high instep and wide feet. But Millie had her heart set on some of the shoes in what I would call the 'party range'.

The sales assistant was very helpful, he advised me that childrens feet are always growing and changing so it would be worth trying on the pump style shoes as her feet may have thinned out since the last time we tried them. He was right and Millie was so happy! At first she decided on a cream pair with a pink bow. But I gently discouraged her as I wanted the shoes to go with all colours, she wears red a lot in the winter.

In the end she went for the Dance Glam pumps. Apparently they are Ballerina inspired. Well Millie heard that and she was sold! As much as I had my reservations for this type of shoe for Millie, I have to say I am really pleased with them. Because they were fitted so well, they have not rubbed or caused any discomfort and she was more than happy to dance the afternoon away at a Christmas Party whilst wearing them! I was shocked to find out that they were just £20, what a bargain! I would of expected them to be more, and the pleasant surprise means that having a girl who loves shoes is not as costly as I first thought!

Both Children are really happy with their new shoes, they are finding them really comfortable. I am happy knowing that the shoes fit them perfectly, therefore their little growing feet are wearing the best possible shoes. Clarks really do get the thumbs up from us, I really trust them with my Childrens feet and I love that they have such a wide range to choose from!

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