Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Beautiful Festive scents to fill your home this Christmas!

I love the smell of Christmas, gingerbread, cookies, spices. I love it. Basically what I mean is, I love the smell of Christmas baking! This year, Sadly, I am yet to find the time to bake my gingerbread house or even a Christmas cake.

Febreze kindly sent me this wonderful hamper the other day, pack full of lovely Christmas scented products! So I needn't be sad anymore!

The scents have been filling my home for a few days and I am so impressed that I thought I ought to tell you about them too! Afterall, I wouldn't want you to miss out, especially when you find out what a bargain they are!

I was sent products with the Apple and Spice fragrance. Now, I am sure you all know by now what that kind of fragrance reminds me of. All together now.... DISNEY WORLD!! Actually it reminds me of Disney World and Christmas! But thats because when we went to Disney last year it was at Christmas time! So as you can imagine I was very happy with the fragrance choice!

The first product I pulled out of the hamper was a Febreze Set and Refresh. Its an air freshener that uses Febreze odour eliminating technology to remove odours and leave behind a light fresh scent without using batteries or electricity. It lasts upto 60 days and you can choose when to turn the scent up by simply pulling the bottom of the device down! I have been using it in my hallway, placing it on a shelf, it doesn't look out of place, in fact, it looks quite stylish! Its lovely to come home to walk into that scent, what I love is that it is not too overpowering, but its enough to make you notice.

Now, most people like a candle, especially at Christmas time. But they can be so costly. The Febreze Apple Spice Candle is just £2 in most supermarkets at the moment, and after using it I am wondering why we fork out for such expensive candles, when this one is so cost effective and smells amazing?! Its designed to burn evenly and diffuse a subtle scent across the whole room. It does a great job of doing that and on Christmas eve, that is what will be lit in our house!

To compliment these products Febreze also do a Apple Spice aerosol. Which works in a different way to other air fresheners in that it captures the bad smells and neutralises them, rather than masking them.

I am really glad that I discovered this range from Febreze, its a lovely scent addition to my home and at a fraction  of the cost I thought it would be (the range I was sent is priced between £2-£4 in most supermarkets at the moment).  So all that is left for me to do is kick back and relax with a cup of Mulled Wine Tea whilst the Children colour in their stocking! Perfect!

What's your favourite scent at Christmas time?!

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