Thursday, 18 December 2014

A lovely family day out!

Last weekend my Parents came to stay. That in itself was a major excitement for the Children! They love it when Nannie and Grandad come to stay, and as they live so far away it isn't very often! But to add to that excitement it was Nannie's Birthday and we also went for a day out at Leeds Castle!

We really love Leeds Castle, and my parents hadn't been for years so were all really looking forward to it. With it being only 20 minutes from us and a buy once come all year attraction, its the perfect day out!

At this time of year they have the Castle decorated beautifully with Christmas Tree's and decorations. This years theme was Gingerbread and the children also got to take part in a King Henry the 8th Gingerbread man hunt, and we got to see the castle made out of Gingerbread! It was amazing!

We also got to look around the Christmas market. It was lovely to wander around and see what interesting things were on offer. We got to sample (and purchase) lots of food, and chat to some lovely stall holders. We even got to see two of Santa's Reindeer!

The children loved the little fairground, of course Millie wanted to go on the Pony and Chester, who has no fear, went on the fast ferris wheel!

Chester really wanted to be the photographer for the day, so I (reluctantly) let him use my camera. I really love that he has an interest in photography, he clearly takes after me and his Grandad!

We were very lucky that we were able to get tickets to see Father Christmas, last year we didn't manage to and this year I spent all day on the phone trying to book tickets! It was well worth it though. Father Christmas spent a long time chatting away to Chester and Millie about what they love at Christmas time, and then he told them what he likes and what treat they should leave out for him and the Reindeer! Then they had a conversation about snow and snowball fights, where Chester told Father Christmas that he really wanted it to snow so that he could have a snowball fight with his beloved Uncle Luke! It was so cute to see the children so excited! They loved their presents too! Chester got a Labyrinth game and Millie got an Orchard Toys Gingerbread house puzzle!

We finished off the day with a lovely stroll around the grounds. It was such a lovely family day, the children have not stopped talking about it!

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