Sunday, 2 November 2014

Skylanders Universe Magazine!

Half term seems to have gone by in a blur for us, poor Millie spent most of it poorly, luckily she is better now. But for Chester, the highlight of his half term, possibly the highlight of his year, has got to be last Tuesday!

We were invited to a coffee morning at Immediate Media HQ in London, to find out about a brand new magazine that was launching the following day.

That magazine was Skylanders Universe!

As you can imagine, Chester was practically bouncing off of the walls when I told him! He has been obsessed with Skylanders for a very long time. He has all four games, and even though he has completed all of them (yes, you heard that right, he managed to defeat Kaos in the new Trap Team game this weekend!) He plays each and every game regularly.

For quite some time now, I have been saying that there needs to be a Skylanders magazine. I know many children that would really love to read a Skylanders magazine. So we were both really eager to see Skylanders Universe.

We started the coffee morning off by being introduced to Craig the Editor of Skylanders Universe and to Nikki the magazine's designer. I would totally love their jobs! It was great to have a chat with them about the magazine and what kind of ideas and inspiration they have for it. They clearly have gots lots of enthusiasm for the magazine and I think that shows in the finished product.

Next Chester and the other children got to design their very own Skylanders Universe magazine cover. Chester is only ever creative on his terms, when he wants to be. So I was dreading this a little bit. However, he proved me wrong as he had some fantastic ideas that he wrote,drew, cut and glued onto his cover! They had prizes for the best three and Chester was thrilled to hear that he had come first!

I have to say I do not know how they managed to choose the winners, they all did such a fantastic job, each cover was totally unique.

Next we had a spot of lunch and the children got to have a go on the tablet version of the game. Chester really loved the tablet version, I was pleased to see that it comes with a wireless bluetooth enabled remote control, and Chester loved the portal, which is slightly different to his Xbox version.

We got a chance to look through the magazine, Chester was impressed that the 'free gift' was a Trigger Happy coin blaster, it also came with a Kaos Mask and a pack of Skylander Trap Team trading cards!

We had a fantastic morning, Chester is still talking about it now! So a big thank you to Natasha and Immediate Media for having us!

Over the last few days we have had chance to sit down and read through the magazine. What we love is that there really is something for everyone. As you can imagine Skylanders covers a very broad age range so keeping the contents relevant for each age range, I should imagine, was a little bit tricky!

It covers characters from all of the games, this is a big plus from Chester, as I said above he very much plays with all games and all of his characters. As you know, if you have seen my previous posts about Skylanders, he owns a very large amount of Skylanders, well over 100!

The magazine has got Skylander news, posters, character facts, comic strips and drawing masterclasses.  As well as an opportunity to write in and ask the skylanders questions, enter competitions and solve puzzles. There is even a top tips page which I am sure for most children would be very helpful, however, with Chester being such a huge Skylanders fan, he did admit that he already knew, and used, all of the tips. So it would be good to see some more game specific tips in future issues.

Chester is 6 and found the magazine to be packed full of fun things to do, it has taken us the best part of a week to read/complete it from start to finish and it managed to keep his interest. Another bonus for this issue is that it contained a voucher to purchase a Skylanders battle pack from Smyths Toys for just £1! Chester has been wanting this particular set to complete his giants collection for some time now, so he was thrilled!

Skylanders Universe is out now, it is a monthly magazine with the next issue due out on 26th November 2014. It is priced at just £2.99 which I think is an absolute bargain and a must for any Skylanders fan! Chester will certainly be visiting our newsagents once a month for his copy!

Do you have any Skylanders fans in your house? How are they liking the new game?!

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