Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Our Book Advent 2014

This year, after seeing the idea online, I have decided to start a new family tradition.

A book Advent!

The idea is, that you find 24 books, wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree. Then each day the children pick one to open!

As a family that love reading books, especially Christmas ones, this is very exciting. Over the last few weeks I have been gathering up books. Not just any books, Christmas books. I wanted to keep it Christmas themed, and they didn't necessarily have to be new books. We have got lots of well read Christmas books so I have made use of those. I have spotted some books in the shops that I remember reading as a child so I bought those, I have popped in a couple of Christmas activity books, and then Campbell books very kindly sent across some wonderful Christmas books, which I will be reviewing in 5 blog posts over the next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

I wrapped up all but one of the books and left them un numbered. I want each day to be a surprise, even for me! Its going to be a family tradition after all, and we all want to join in with the excitement! Each evening in December we will pick a book to open together. Then on the 24th December we will open the only numbered book in the pile......

This is my Christmas tradition. This is my childhood copy of  'The Night Before Christmas'. My most favourite poem of all time, I know it off by heart! I love this book, I have great memories of reading it as a child, and I have read it to my children every Christmas eve since they were born!

I am so very excited about this new tradition!

Is anyone else going to do a book advent this year?

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