Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Method household ranges, available exclusively at Tesco!

Cleaning the Kitchen sides and table feels like a never ending job doesn't it?! Craig will disagree with me on this, but I hate the smell of cleaners, its that kind of smell that sticks to the back of your nose.

So I was pleasantly surprised when a lovely parcel was delivered to me recently. It was from Tesco and inside were some lovely cleaning products!

Including a Multi Purpose cleaner, to my amazement it didn't smell like cleaner, it smelt of  apples! I was a bit dubious that it wouldn't do the job as well as the cleaners that smell of chemicals, but I was wrong. The non-toxic Method cleaner, which is derived from corn and coconut break down dirt and grime perfectly! It can be used on counters, tile, stone, wood and glass. So naturally, its been my sidekick around the house!

The next thing I pulled out of the parcel was a hand soap. It had the same scent as the cleaner and came in a lovely bright bottle, with a pump on top. It looks very nice in my cloakroom and leaves our hands clean and smelling fresh!

Lastly, I pulled out an air refresher. I was very intrigued by this type of freshner. The fresheners come in 4 fragrances and are made with a non-toxic formula. They are designed with revolutionary pressurized air technology, free from dirty propellants and CFCs. Unlike traditional aerosol air fresheners, these natural born cleaners are packed in an airtight chamber powered by pure compressed air for a steady, even spray down to the very last drop. Again, this is perfect for our cloakroom, it smells exactly as it should, of the beach, and not of chemicals. The bottle is a lovely design and looks really nice on the windowsill!

These products are exclusive to Tesco, with prices ranging from £2.49-£3.50.

What kind of fragrances do you like to have around your home?

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