Thursday, 20 November 2014

Millie's awesome hair cut experience!

Last week my friend and I took Millie and her friend to the hairdressers. But not just any hairdressers. This hairdressers is completely dedicated to Children!

Its called Hairstyle Avenue, its situated in a spacious building in Rochester. It has an area for younger children, where they can sit in cars or planes and watch films whilst getting their hair cut! Then they have an area for older children where they can feel really grown up but have the option to play on a playstation!

Its such a fantastic idea! Millie has not had a haircut since coming back from Disney last year, where she had her first hair cut and was given Mickey Ears and a certificate! As soon as I heard of Hairstyle Avenue (found out about it on facebook, there page is here if anybody is interested) I knew that I just had to take Millie there!

I had shown Millie photos beforehand, so by the time we arrived she was very excited! She was greeted with a smile and asked to choose a vehicle to sit in. She of course went for the airplane as it was pink!

Then she was asked if she would like to watch Frozen, well this was just the icing on the cake for Millie. Getting to sit in a cool airplane whilst watching one of her favourite Disney movies. Perfect!

The whole experience was just really lovely, Millie's much needed haircut looks fab. In fact we loved it so much that we have booked for her to go back!

So a big thank you to the team at Hairstyle Avenue, see you soon!

Do your little ones enjoy their trip to the hairdressers?

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