Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Memories to last a life time.

This week my timehop app has been showing me lots of lovely pictures of this time last year.

Of course, this time last year we were in Walt Disney World, which happens to be my most favourite place in the whole wide world!

I have been missing Disney ever since we came back, which may sound sad for a 30 year old! But its the truth, probably more so, knowing we won't be going back for a few years yet. But looking at the pictures this week, I have realised that I should be happy that we went and not sad that we are not there now.

The main photo that made me realise that is this one....

It makes me well up just looking at it! 

The reason this photo is so important is because, at the time Millie was not even 2 (she was 22 months) and she was obsessed with Rapunzel. She used to watch Tangled daily and sing the songs (in her own little way) all the time. 

So when we got to Walt Disney World and Millie got to meet Rapunzel (more than once) it was just amazing. She was star struck, she had met her hero! 

Since that day, at the beginning of our dream holiday, she has spoken about how she met Rapunzel almost every single day! 

She reminds us that Rapunzel asked if she would like to stroke her flower gleam and glow hair (as Millie calls it), and how she gave Rapunzel a really big huggie. But most importantly how Rapunzel was wearing the same dress as her!! 

The fact that she was not even 2 when it happened, it amazes me that she still remembers. I was so worried that Millie would not really remember the trip, but could not of been more wrong. She actually talks about many aspects of the trip a lot! 

Of course Chester remembers the trip too, and his memories are very different to Millie's. His are more about the thrill rides and Captain Hook trying to 'fight' him! 

I have always loved Disney, I have great memories from my childhood trips, but I have to say that there is nothing more magical then seeing the magic through your childrens eyes.

I am now appreciating the memories that were made on that holiday, and reminding myself how lucky my children are to have those memories. 

My biggest wish is to take them back to the most magical place on earth, but for now, I will cherish the memories we have already made. 

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