Friday, 21 November 2014

Letters to Father Christmas 2014!

Its that time already, time to write the letters to Father Christmas, or Santa Christmas as Chester likes to call him!

Chester thought really hard about what he would like this year. He decided he would like... Skylanders! What a surprise! For the 3rd year in a row, he has asked Father Christmas for Skylanders. Gotta love him! This year its all about trap team so he is asking for some traptaniums and some figures. He was also quick to point out that he has tried his best to be good this year, and that he has worked hard at School and is excellent at Maths. Although he left the at Maths part off so really he just looks like he is being a bit big headed. Only Chester!

It won't surprise you that when Millie was asked what she would like from Father Christmas, she replied with Pom Pom Baby Panda! The child is obsessed! Although I do think it is kinda cute that she still has so much love for Baby Panda's, all thanks to a Kinder Egg toy! As this is just her 3rd Christmas, I spent some time explaining to her about where Father Christmas lives and about all of his Reindeer. She was particularly interested in the Reindeer and said that she really wants to go and visit them, and cuddle them!

We send our letters to the following address:

Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto
Reindeer Land

All you need to do is make sure you put your childs name and address at the top of their letter, then a 1st class stamp on the envelope you send it in, and Father Christmas will send a reply (for free, thanks to Royal Mail)

Have your little ones sent their letters off to Father Christmas yet? What have they asked for?!

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