Monday, 3 November 2014

It will be an exciting start to the week here!

Looking back over old blog posts, its funny to see that Chester and Millie usually experience (different) firsts in succession! 

Today marks a huge first for Chester. I have briefly spoken about Chester's love for Football before, and about how football was a big part of my childhood. This evening I get to take Chester to Selhurst Park!! To watch Crystal Palace play against Sunderland! 

I am so excited, I just know he is going to love it, as I did when I was his age. He went to School so excited, knowing that he gets to go and watch his team, Crystal Palace, play football at their home ground. I don't know if he quite knows what to expect, he has watched plenty of matches on TV, but he told me that he was going to wear his kit, complete with socks and football boots and then if they are looking like they need some help he is going to go on and a sub for them!! I have explained that is not how it works, and that his time will come when he is older! Needless to say he will not be attending the match (in this freezing cold weather) in his full football kit. He will be proudly wearing his shirt, underneath a thick coat and scarf! But I haven't broken that to him just yet! 

So that is Chester's first. Then Millie will have a huge first tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Millie will start Nursery School. She is very excited about this. If I am honest, she has needed to go to Nursery for a long time. She is almost 3, Chester was 18 months when he started Nursery and it did him the world of good. But sadly funds have been a little stretched so I have kept her at home for a little longer than necessary. 

I really hope that her first day goes well, and I hope her excitement carries on when I leave her there. I have explained that I will leave her there to have fun and play with her friends (luckily she knows two children who are already at the Nursery). She does keep saying 'and you will leave me there to play, but you will come back for me, won't you?' So hopefully I have done as much as I can to reassure her. 

As its her first time, rather than go home, I am going to sit in a cafe and enjoy a coffee and a magazine. Its going to be really weird for me having no children at home with me for a few hours. I think its going to take some getting used to! 

Do you have any firsts to tell of? I would love to hear them! 

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