Saturday, 8 November 2014

Firework glitter pictures!

We were all set to go to a local Pub's firework display this evening, however, Millie STILL has a really bad cold, so I really do not want to make it worse for her.

Instead we have brought some fireworks and will have a display at home, where Millie can watch from the warmth of our front room. I will do our bonfire night tea too, which consists of hot dogs and stuffed jacket potatoes, as well as an extra special slow cooker chocolate fudge cake with custard. Hopefully that will cheer her up!

Chester asked if we could make firework paintings today, so I had a think about it and asked if he would prefer to make firework glitter pictures instead. I must be mad, getting glitter out, we are still finding glitter from the last time we got glitter out and that was weeks ago!

I started off, showing them how to paint the glue onto the paper and then sprinkle the glitter and shake off any excess into a pot.

Chester knew exactly how he wanted his fireworks picture to look, he wanted lots of bright colours and big bang looks.

Millie just wanted hers to look pretty and sparkly!

I think both of the childrens pictures look great!

Have you enjoyed watching some fireworks this year?

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