Monday, 10 November 2014

Firework fun!

We had planned to go to a local firework display at the weekend, but with Millie being poorly (she STILL has a cold) we decided it just wouldn't be fair on her. I mean being dragged out in the cold, when you already feel poorly isn't nice is it?

But then on the flip side of that we didn't want Chester to miss out, he has really been looking forward to fireworks night. They have been learning all about Guy Fawkes at School, and he has been excitedly telling me what happened and how we came to celebrate 5th of November with fireworks! I think, as an adult, you sometimes forget the magic of learning about something for the first time, Chester certainly loves to learn new things and is very inquisitive, so always wants to ask the hows and the whys.

So instead we decided to have a little fireworks 'party' at home.

I made our family's traditional bonfire night tea of hot dogs (with real sausages) and stuffed jacket potatoes. Sadly I forgot about the starter of tomato soup, which Craig was disappointed about! But I made up for it, but making a Chocolate fudge cake in the slow cooker!

We invited our neighbour and her daughter and then Chester and Millie asked if they could invite their Nannie and Grandad Pete.

The children (that included me) had sparklers, this year was the first year Chester really appreciated the sparklers, as he was allowed to hold his own!

We had two boxes of fireworks, which included 4 rockets, some roman candles, lots of ones that went pop, sparkle, bang and even a catherine wheel!

The children loved the fireworks, it was a lovely evening, even if poorly Millie fell asleep straight afterwards!

Did you do anything special for Fireworks night/week?

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