Friday, 28 November 2014

Family Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Christmas is coming!! I am so excited about Christmas this year, much more than last year. I love getting wrapped up in all of the festive excitement and magic that Christmas brings.

I start thinking about my Christmas and Christmas gifts in the middle of the year. I like to be prepared! So below are my suggestions for great Christmas gifts this year...

Lets start with the Adults, who lets face it, are just as excited about Christmas as the children, if not more!

Something that is really big this year is Christmas Jumpers, having admitted previously that I have never had a Christmas Jumper (as an adult) before, I was looking for something a bit different. I came across a website called Tipsy Elves, who do an amazing selection of Winter wear including Jumpers. They are a funny twist on the traditional Christmas jumper, some of them are a bit risque but you wouldn't even notice at first glance! I can think of many people to buy these jumpers for, they certainly are a conversation starter!

My second idea for Adults is one I have spoken about before, and they get lots of attention when people walk into my kitchen. Its the PicStick photo magnets.

I just think they are a really great personal gift idea for all generations of the family, at a reasonable price!

For the Children, lets start with the girls.

Millie has a really lovely Bonikka Rag Doll by Imajo.

Her name is Katy, and she is well and truly attached. At 42cm high, she is the perfect size for little girls. She is really well made, and is dressed in a lovely dress with bunches in her hair. I think the reason that Millie has become so attached to her is that she is so soft. So Millie tends to use her a comforter at night, or when Millie was poorly she was a great at giving cuddles! There are lots of Bonikka dolls to choose from, all with different names, features, and clothes, I really would recommend them as a great Christmas gift for any little girl!

A toy that is sure to be high on the wanted toys list this Christmas is The Barbie Glam Bag.

Millie has had hers since September, and takes it almost everywhere with her. As I mentioned in my review, I do not particularly agree with the small size of the interior of the bag, but from a childs point of view, certainly Millie's, its just the best bag ever! Millie really loved the fact that she can change the colour of her bag to match her outfit, so its nearly almost pink! I can really see it lasting a long time!

On to the boys, Skylanders are still very big with Children aged 6 and up. With so many different figures, traptaniums and toys to collect they are sure to make it onto many a Christmas list!

Another toy set to be big this year are the Battrobourgs!

Set on an arena, you control the robots using battery operated wireless controllers. The robots battle it out until one falls to the ground! There are lots of secret moves to master so that you can defeat your opponent, we have had lots of fun playing with them!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention the Wooden Toy range from George at Asda.

Suitable for both Boys and Girls, we reviewed some items from this range a little while ago, its no secret that I love wooden toys, and this range really impressed me. Its sturdy, well made, good value and great for the childrens imaginations! Take a look at my review here, the children both have more of the range on their Christmas lists!

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