Monday, 3 November 2014

Chester's Dream Home!

A little while ago Principality Building Society asked me if the Children would like to take part in a draw your dream home campaign. I said yes, Chester would love it. However, it has taken me a lot longer than I thought for Chester to actually want to do it. He is very stubborn like me, and he really has to be in the right frame of mind for drawing! 

But we got there in the end, so, this is Chester's dream home....

Let me explain each room from the top left..

The first room is a pizza room! Where Chester can make his own pizza whenever he likes! 

Next to that is his bedroom, which has bunk beds. To get onto the top bunk you need to climb UP the slide! To get down, you have to jump! Then hope that you land on the trampoline which is set into the floor! 

The room next to that in Orange is the burger room, where you get to create what ever burger you like, even at midnight apparently! 

Underneath that is apparently the coolest room of them all. It is a time traveling room, which allows you to travel back in time to visit the Dinosaurs!  

To the left of that, in red, is another important room, Chester has named it the Friends room. Where all his friends can come over and chill out, whenever they like. It will have lots of bean bags and recliner chairs, plus a popcorn maker and a giant tv, where they can watch Phineas and Ferb or play Skylanders! 

The outside area is split into two sections, the grass area, where there will be a full sized football pitch and a giant swirly slide. Then a cat area, where there would be lots of mini play equipment for some cats to play on! 

I really love Chester's imagination, oh to be 6 years old again! 

What do you think your children would have in their dream home?! 

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