Sunday, 23 November 2014

Campbell Christmas book countdown number 3. Hello! Christmas

We are on to number 3 already in the Campbell Christmas book countdown!

Today I wanted to tell you about a book which helps with the excitement of Christmas.

Hello! Christmas is a board book all about 2 children who are preparing for Christmas day. From the School nativity to building snowmen and riding on sledges, to Chester's favourite part, decorating the Christmas tree. This book has a lot of excitement!

What I love about this board book is that it is very sturdy. Sometimes push and pull books can be a bit flimsy and it doesn't take very much for the bits to break or tear. But this one is great, both children found it easy to push and pull and neither one of them has managed to break it!

The illustrations are by Angie Rozelaar, they are a joy to look at. The excitement of the children almost pops out of the page!

The book is recommended for ages 2 and up. I have to say I would be happy to give this to a younger child, simply because it is chunky and sturdy. The text is rhyming, which makes it easier for me to read and easy for the Children to follow.

Chester and Millie both enjoyed this story, they both had their favourite pages, Millie's was the snow scene, being only 2 she is very intrigued by snow. Chester's, as I mentioned above is the Christmas tree scene. He loves that he can make the lights move and change colour by spinning the wheel!

The story is basically a build up to see if Santa thinks they have been good enough for him to visit? Does he stop at their house on Christmas Eve? Well, I will leave that for you to find out....

Hello! Christmas has an RRP of £9.99.

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