Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Campbell Christmas book countdown number 5. Whizzy Santa

As you know, this year I have decided to start a new family tradition and do a book advent. The lovely people at Campbell books kindly contributed towards our book advent, so I have decided to do a Campbell Christmas book countdown to show you the wonderful things that each book has to offer. The countdown is in no particular order, in fact I think it would be impossible for me to put them into an order! I really love the magic of Christmas time and I truly believe reading Christmas stories to children just add to the magic!

So on with our first book....

Whizzy Santa, by Marion Billet.

We are already familiar with Marion Billet books, and you may remember at the beginning of the year we reviewed Hello London, which is also written by Marion.

So we were very pleased to see that the bright illustrations that we loved from that book, were carried on in this book!

Its a board book with a difference, this book has wheels! So not only can it be enjoyed as a book it can also be enjoyed as a toy! Great fun, and hours of play possibilities! Millie absolutely loved this, she thought it was really funny, and even Chester at age 6 was happy to push is around the floor and make up his very own santa story/game!

Researching further I was pleased to see that the Wheels range is not just for Christmas, they also have a big range of vehicle books with wheels on and also some fun scooter books!

Whizzy Santa tells the story of Christmas eve. Unfortunately though, his reindeer have got Flu! So Santa needs to come up with an alternative way to deliver his presents to all of the Children!

Its a really lovely story, with some lovely detail in the illustrations, the children really loved spotting all the details on each page! Priced at just £6.99 I think that is great value for money! This books is sure to give hours of endless fun!

Even better, that this week I have spotted it on Amazon for the amazing price of £3.50!!

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