Sunday, 23 November 2014

A happy ending to a Christmas story...

The excitement of Christmas has well and truly his this household! The Children are talking about it daily and I am immersed in preparation! Its a fantastic time of year, I love all of the buzz around it. This Christmas, House of Fraser have written a really lovely Christmas story.

The story, Fraser Bears Snow Story, is about Fraser Bear and his baby Brother, you can read the story here. As you can see the story does not have an ending, so Chester and Millie have been challenged to come up with a suitable ending through a drawing.

Chester and Millie loved the story, they totally related to the Christmas crafts that the bears were busy doing, as we spend so much time crafting here!

Millie thought it was sad that baby bear did not know what snow was, I had to explain to her that it was because he was only a baby, so it was his first Christmas, and as snow usually only comes at Winter time that is why he hadn't seen it!

I then explained that they needed make up an ending to the story. They thought for a very long time about what would be the best way for Fraser Bear to show baby bear what snow was like. They had lots of ideas, including wishing on a star for it to snow, asking the fairy godmother for some snow, and even making snow cones with a slushie cup! But in the end they decided, as it was Christmas Eve, it would be best if the bears asked Father Christmas if they could take a ride on his sleigh to fly to a country where it was snowing!

I totally loved the whole thought process, and the fact that they discussed it together!

Then the discussion turned into how they were going to put that ending into a picture. Chester (age 6) took the lead on this, as with Millie being 2 (very almost 3 as she keeps reminding everyone) she was, in Chester's words, not the best person for the job!

So Millie was left to draw in pink on her piece of paper, as she had decided Father Christmas really likes the colour pink!

Chester wanted to create a night scene, after all, it was Christmas Eve! So he got out our coloured paper and found the black. He then found a problem, the pens were not showing up very well on the black paper! So he decided to use white paper to draw Father Christmas and the bears riding on the sleigh, which was being pulled along by 3 reindeer!

He put some white paper at the bottom of the black paper to make a snowy blanket for the ground, then used star and snowflake felt shapes for the sky.

Lastly he decided that the snow on the ground needed to have some trees on it and then to finish the scene off he drew a house!

Here is Chester with the finished ending....

I think he did an amazing job, they both did. Apparently baby bear loved the snow!

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