Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A child free morning.

As I type this, I am sat in Homebase in Costa Coffee. 

I have no children with me. Chester is at School, and Millie has just been dropped off for her first session at Nursery School. 

I could have gone home, and done some house work. But instead I have decided to come here and enjoy a little me time treat. 

It feels very strange, lovely, but strange. I am used to having at least one child to care for, it seems strange that I am sat here with no one to care for! 


Whilst I am happy that Millie is starting her Nursery School journey, I am sad that another part of the toddler days are ending. She walked in to Nursery so excited and with so much confidence. She just took her coat off, ran over to the play house, turned and said 'see ya later Mum'. That was it! No kisses, cuddles, or worrying about where I was going! I was shocked, but really happy for her. When we went to look round, I knew she would like it there, she clearly feels comfortable in the surroundings.

Right, back to my coffee and daydreams I go!  

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