Sunday, 19 October 2014

Wonderous Ink Personalised books - with a little added extra!

Recently Chester and Millie received some surprise post, I absolutely love surprise post, so you can imagine how excitable they were about it! Especially when they opened their parcels to find these books inside!

We really do love books here, as you know. But these books were slightly different to most of the ones on our book shelves... they were personalised!

Chester instantly realised that the title had his name in it, and he could not wait to get reading!

The books are cleverly written so that the story ends up spelling your childs name. So for instance in when the book used the C (the first letter of Chester's name) when talking about him it said he was Clever. By the end of the book the story had used each letter of Chester's name to give him words that described him.

It was the same for Millie, but the story was different as she had different letters in her name. Each letter was different so Millie got two separate descriptions for the 2 sets of 'L' and 'I' in her name.

Both children were captivated by the stories, I think Chester 'got it' more than Millie but they equally enjoyed the illustrations and excitement of each journey!

The books had an added bonus to them, in that they had a unique key code at the end of the story. Meaning that they could carry on their storybook fun online! That included add on's to the stories and a quiz, which Chester thoroughly enjoyed.

You can personalise your own Wonderous book on their website where you can customise and view the full book before placing your order. The books are £19.99 each, I think this is a fair price, the quality of the book and the paper is fantastic and the stories, as we have found out are really captivating. The books are aimed at children aged 2-8 I think they would make great Christmas presents or keepsakes.

Do your Children love storytime and reading?

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